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Kidney Transplant

Ayurveda is best treatment instead of Kidney Transplant

Kidney is an excretory bean shaped organ that filters out waste products from the blood and harmful substance such as urea is eliminated from the body in the form of urine.It helps in the purification of blood,produces harmones that regulates blood pressure.
Sometimes kidney do not perform above mentioned function properly then a need of dialysis or kidney transplant occurs.Due to lose the ability of performing functions,waste products can build up which is dangerous and can be life threatning.To perform the function of kidney properly dialysis will be required.  
Dialysis start when kidney have lost 85% to 90%.It is a time consuming process. In this treatment,blood is purified by machine.It can not cure kidney disease.Another option for treatment of kidney is kidney transplant.
Kidney transplant is a opertion in which a person receives new kidney in place of failed kidney.
In both above mentioned cases,many risks arises. Risks during dialysis are nausea,weight gain,hernias,vomitting,infection in the abdominal cavity,itching.A person who on dialysis experiences complications like bone disease,low blood pressure or fluid accumulation in the heart or lungs.     
On the other hand,risk during kidney transplant are:  
Risk of death: During operation,sime patients may be die.This risk of death may be twice for  those patients who continue on dialysis and waiting for kidney transplant.
Rejection: After transplant,our body rejects new kidney.To avoid rejection of new kidney, patient should have to take anti rejection medicine named immunosupprssants to prevent rejection.
Blood clots,blockage of ureter (tube) that links the kidney to the bladder and infection are other risks of kidney transplant.
Other diseases such as skin cancer,lymphoma,chances of diabetes,heart diseases,high blood pressure and inflammation of lever may be leading if patient using anti rejection medicines.

To prevent risks of dialysis or kidney transplant ,Nature gives a best method named Ayurveda:

Ayurveda means knowledge of living.In ancient times people used ayurveda for treating disease .Ayurvedic treatment of kidney failure is based on treatment in which disease is to be treated through life style interventions and natural therapies. In other words, we can say that ayurveda treatment is the modification of diet and life style.This treatment is very effective and easy way of bringing back stage of health from a diseased body.Ayurvedic medicines are mainly made up of herbs which are helpful for treating kidney failures.These medicines are based on ancient principle.ayurveda says to avoid chemical based medicines that may be unknowingly harming the kidney.

Advantages of ayurvedic medines:

  • Reduce urea and creatinine levels naturally.
  • Herbs present in ayurvedic medicines help in avoiding dialysis.
  • Help in reducing water and swelling in the body.
  • Help in controlling blood pressure,blood sugar and chloestrol levels.
  • These medicines are safe and free from side effects and anyone can consume them.

Diet for kidney failures:

  • Citrus fruits such as lemon,orange,grapefruits should be avoided.
  • Prefer herbal tea instead of regular ones.
  • Don't drink wine and avoid use of tobacco.
  • Avoid sodium excessive food items.
  • Oxalate containing food such as beet,sweet potatoes,beetroot and chocolate.
  • Animal protein food such as chicken,fish should be avoided.
  • Drink a lot of water only when you feel thirsty.

Ayurveda says something that is

To live stress free life.
Maintaining possitive attitudes in every situations.

"Use natural herbs to cure kidney"

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