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Pankaj K Chaudhary (Partner of Jungle Roads)

we consulted Dr. Rakesh Avggarwal an ayurvedic consultant on recommendation of a family friend. Dr. Agfarwal explained everything about the disease and the way Ayurveda treat disease.
We started Ayurvedic treatment as per his advice within one month of treatment I felt the results....
My appetite improved
Energy level was good.

Jeewan Garg

Jeewan Garg (Google Certified Partner)

I was having some problem in urine , i got my kidney checked & then consulted Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal of Aim Ayurveda. He did not prescribe any medicine. My condition improved with diet changes & daily routine change advised by him. I am so glad to tell every body that i am 100% fit now. Dr. Aggarwal is like a God for me

Salman Siddiqui (Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer)

I was suffering from severe Hepatits C , with very high viral load (5,980,000)& elevated enzymes.Many doctors recommanded me for Liver transplant.
Dr. Rrakesh Aggarwal of Aimayurveda treated me with Ayurvedic Medicine. I am on his treatment for the last one year. My reports now surprise many in medical field since I do not require Liver transplant now & my liver stats are OK. Thanks to Aim Ayurveda.